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Bringing Finnish sauna to the world

By 27.6.2024No Comments
Bringing Finnish sauna to the world

Anna-Stina Nykänen’s article “Mistä lauteilla nyt puhutaan?” (Helsingin Sanomat 20.6.2024) insightfully emphasises the multidimensional nature of saunas. The sauna is a venue where stories are shared, decisions are made and relationships are built. It is the place where the best ideas and solutions are born.

But how could we take this Finnish treasure to the world?

Recognisable architecture is the key to this challenge, as Nykänen aptly ponders. The Finnish sauna is not just a space made of timber; It is a concept that embodies sustainability and closeness to nature. The design of the sauna should reflect the Finnish aesthetic timelessness, attracting both urban residents in Tokyo and tourists seeking the peace of the wilderness in Alaska.

There is also the question of how we can brand the sauna as an experience that brings people together and promotes well-being globally. Panko Concept’s vision is to make the Finnish sauna a recognizable product around the world – not only through timeless architecture, but also through a memorable experience. This is where the potential of the Finnish sauna to conquer the world lies.

Read Anna-Stina Nykänen’s article here.

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