Modular, Green Timber Buildings with a Turnkey Service Concept.
Project with Panko

Thinking of a new business – how about a floating sauna restaurant?

When you have a business idea, you will need time, experts and other outside parties to develop a concept into a successful business. What if someone would take care of all this for you?

Innovative, rapid and cost-effective construction project
Ready-made solutions with architecture and high-end design
Floating solutions with unlimited possibilities
Sustainable and durable modular timber buildings
Premium products with a complete service concept
Green products with great business opportunities
Nordic Sustainability
Panko - Design & Planning
Panko Floating Sauna

Green Panko products are always tailor-made according to the needs of a purchaser, and you will be able to begin a business rapidly, effortlessly and cost-efficiently.



Bar & Lounge

Our products are available
with a complete service concept –
Nordic Vibes in One.
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