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The best sauna experience

We Make Sauna Lovers

Panko Concept was born out of a passion to build the best sauna experience. We have carefully designed all phases, functions, architecture, details and solutions of the customer journey and implemented them into a high-quality, time-lasting entity.

The sauna building is functionally divided into two parts; saunas and lounge bar. The idea of the space is a functional and experiential sauna path, where different atmospheres and views alternate when moving from one space to another. The panoramic saunas, comfortable lounges, bar and rooftop terrace with stunning views offer an experience like no other.

Stylish and timeless architecture crowns the mass timber sauna buildings, which are suitable for different environments, also as floating. The floating sauna offers relaxation in the warm embrace of the sauna surrounded by a beautiful water scenery. The sauna experience can be complemented by various bar and restaurant solutions, pools and activities, such as a padel courts. High-end design and implementation guarantee the durability and longevity of sauna buildings.

We help you create comprehensive sauna experiences

The sauna is ideal for urban, nature and luxury tourist destinations. Panko Concept is a comprehensive sauna solution for everyone who wants to offer their customers an unforgettable sauna experience. Ready-made sauna solutions from design to implementation make starting a sauna business effortless and rapid.

Tell us what kind of sauna experience you want to offer your customers?