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Complete sauna concept

We take the sauna experience
to a new level

Have you dreamed of a sauna business and are wondering how to build a complete sauna concept that attracts customers?

The journey to starting a sauna business is often a long and expensive process. At Panko Concept, we make it effortless and fast. We offer a ready-made sauna concept that has been carefully designed down to all stages of the customer journey, architecture, functions and technical solutions. The stylish sauna buildings are responsibly manufactured from Finnish mass timber (CLT) and are always customized according to the customer‘s needs. Thanks to the seamless integration of design areas and a high degree of prefabrication, the projects are completed rapidly and costeffectively.

The unique sauna complexes are complemented by bar and restaurant solutions and can be expanded with various pools, rooftop terraces or activities. The sauna buildings are functionally divided into two parts; saunas and lounge bar. The idea of the space is a functional and experiential sauna path, where moods and views alternate as you move from one space to another. The panoramic saunas, cosy lounges and rooftop terrace bar with stunning views offer unforgettable sauna experiences time and time again.

Start your journey towards a successful sauna business