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Minna Sutinen

Several years ago, I had a desire to create a new and innovative Nordic concept for the global market. This is how the story of Panko began. The concept combines timber construction, Scandinavian design, sustainability, authentic sauna and Nordic flavours into one. Panko is an outstanding concept for your business.

Maarit Tuovinen

Business Developer,
Sales Manager
+358 41 313 4069

Panko integrates my favourite getaway elements into one: sauna, pools, bar & restaurant with healthy, Nordic flavours. Panko is a brilliant and profitable business venture, which suits to various locations, whether sauna tradition is familiar or not. A blissful staycation in natural surroundings in any location – on the sea, metropolis, anywhere.

Aleksi Sievänen

Panko is window to Nordic vibes without long travels – an authentic Finnish Sauna and Scandinavian cuisine experience which embrace all senses. It is a haven of peace in the hustle and bustle of a metropolis. Sustainability is in Panko´s DNA. All our solutions aim for a minimal carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Kaisa Kokko

Brand Director

We have created a genuinely design-driven concept in which design is central to everything we do. Panko offers Scandinavian functionality & clarity, and it is a world-class product in terms of visuality. Our team has used strong expertise in service design to provide a customer experience that is as smooth and easy as possible.

Head Office

Puijonkatu 12
Kuopio, Finland
+358 41 319 0152