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The perfect sauna experience

The limitless possibilities of the sauna

Panko Concepts sauna solutions offer limitless possibilities for different businesses and are suitable for almost any environment, also as floating. The perfect sauna experience can be complemented by various bar, restaurant and villa solutions, pools and activities, such as a padel courts.

Our stylish sauna buildings are responsibly manufactured from Finnish mass timber and are always customized according to the purchaser’s needs. We create comprehensive sauna experiences We Make Sauna Lovers!

Get to know and be inspired by Panko Concept's sauna solutions

Floating luxury villa

How about escaping to tranquil waters in exclusive floating villas? The perfect sauna experience can be complemented by our luxury villa solutions. Villas feature high-end architecture & design, sustainable solutions, natural materials and spirit of luxury. Each private villa has an optional pool and an open-concept space with large panorama windows, which reveal wonderful vistas to the surrounding scenery.

Elevate hospitality business with sauna & villa

An exquisite pairing: a compact yet indulgent floating sauna alongside a captivating two-floor villa. The small floating sauna offers a serene retreat for relaxation on the water. Complemented by the elegant villa, this duo provides a unique and memorable combination.

Northern embrace in the warmth of a sauna

Floating sauna & lounge bar what better way to enjoy the northern midnight sun or the northern lights in the middle of winter. The panoramic sauna with outdoor pool offers an experience that is second to none. At the same time, the lounge bars atmospheric space baths in natural light, wooden surfaces and the warmth of the fireplace welcome you.

Urban sauna experience with the best views in town

How about being able to enjoy the bustle of the city while relaxing in the steam in breathtaking scenery? When it comes to the hunt for the perfect sauna experience, the sky is the limit, as our sauna solutions can also be implemented above the rooftops.

A Finnish sauna experience anywhere in the world

The stylish and timeless sauna buildings are designed to suit a wide range of environments and can be delivered globally anywhere in the world.

At the heart of everything is holistic wellbeing

The floating sauna complex offers holistic well-being full of wonderful experiences and warm moments all year round. Various saunas with lounges and outdoor pools are complemented by restaurant services.

Sauna restaurant on land and at sea

The magnificent sauna restaurant complex is ideally suited for the development of various beach areas, and some of the services can be expanded to fully float on water.

Sauna in the heart of the metropolis

Our sauna solution is suitable for different environments, also in the middle of the city. The sauna offers a piece of peace and relaxation in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The recipe for the perfect summer day

The floating wellness centre offers a great combination of restaurant experiences, sauna, swimming and activities all year round. The floating padel court is versatile, as in addition to a fun racket game, it can be used as a guest pier and as a platform for various events and water sports.

Bring services to water

Great location, but there is no more room to build on the land? Floating solutions enable the development of waterfront areas, bringing various sauna services to the water.

Sauna alone or together

Sauna bathing is best as shared a stylish outdoor sauna increases the sense of community, and at the same time the valuable apartment area can be used for living instead of a sauna. A community sauna is a great way to increase the attractiveness of a residential area and increase its value.

Small sauna, great joys

Designed for 10 people, the stylish sauna & lounge is an excellent solution for both private and corporate use. The floating panoramic sauna with lounge meeting room guarantees a unique experience for users and excellent opportunities for sauna business.