Floating Sauna as an Excellent Business Opportunity

Enjoy a Sense of Serenity in Sauna

Panko Saunas offer an excellent business opportunity through an authentic Finnish sauna experience. There is a range of several saunas for different purposes: Sauna & Lounge for private groups and a large Sauna & Spa for public use with two saunas, dressing rooms, bar & lounge area and different optional pools. Smoke Sauna has a common sauna steam room, locker rooms and a cozy lounge.

Floating Sauna & Spa

Large sauna windows with unrivalled panoramic views allow one to admire the surrounding scenery. Additional terraces, rooftop terraces, indoor tubs and outdoor pools are available according to a purchaser’s needs and preference for all saunas. Panko concept allows an operator to begin a sauna business easily and effortlessly.

Share special moments by yourself or with friends in the warm embrace of a sauna. Enter in wooden surroundings and allow the warmth to relax your body. Whisk some water on the hot stones on the stove, close your eyes and listen to the hissing of the stones as the warm steam dissolves yourself into a blissful state of mind. After sitting in the heat of a sauna, it feels wonderful to take a refreshing swim in a pool. The complete relaxation of body and mind will help you to detach from hectic moments of daily life.

Discover the Mystery of a Smoke Sauna

Panko Smoke Sauna differs from the other types of saunas in many ways. It is a pleasantly warm and humid sauna with the aroma of burnt wood. Entering in a cozy dark interior instantly calms your mind and lets you to savour the moment. Cosy darkness of the Panko Smoke Sauna generates a truly unique sauna experience.

Want to know more about Panko Sauna?

Panko offers modular, green timber buildings with a turnkey service concept. Sustainable, prefabricated timber products are combined with architecture, high-end design and ready-made solutions. Panko products – Saunas, Kitchen-Restaurant and Bar & Lounge – provide a new and unprecedented Nordic experience anywhere in the world.

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