Panko – An Outstanding Concept
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Nordic Vibes in Your Dream Location

Panko is the first and original turnkey concept that combines Scandinavian design, sustainability, timber construction, modular and prefabricated products into one. Panko products – Bar & Lounge, Nordic Kitchen, Sauna and Smoke Sauna – provide a new and unprecedented Nordic experience anywhere in the world.

Panko offers a daycation – a break from everyday life with authentic sauna, Nordic flavours, beverages and a piece of the Northern nature. Panko products bring the Nordic experience to wherever you are, without having to travel thousands of miles. The atmosphere of Panko is cosy and hospitable, and you can experience it with all your senses. Design, genuine materials, wood, fire, flavors and carefully considered details will take you on a taste journey of the North. Panko is a place you want to return.

Enjoy a Sense of Serenity

Panko Saunas share the beauty of the authentic Finnish sauna which has been chosen to the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage. The complete relaxation of body and mind will help you to detach from hectic moments of daily life. After sitting in the heat of a sauna, it feels wonderful to take a refreshing swim in a pool. Panko Saunas provide more than you expect.

A Taste Journey of the Nordic Nature with a Modern Twist

Panko Kitchen & Bar´s roots are deep in the pure Nordic nature. Clean nature, forests, water and responsibly produced ingredients with local treats are the foundations of Panko Kitchen. Unique taste experiences of free-growing game, mushrooms, berries, fish and meat raised with love are offered at their best. All these are blended into a memorable dining experience.

Sustainability – a Decision for Better Future

Sustainability involves developing an environment by low-carbon construction, efficient use of land and conscious consumption combined with uncompromised design. People prefer to invest their time and resources for solutions which improve their quality of life without straining the environment. Each Panko is designed with sustainability in mind.

Timber, green energy, environmentally friendly solutions, ethically produced food and services enable a minimal ecological footprint. Furthermore, each Panko can be relocated and recycled.

What does the word ”Panko” mean?

In the Finnish language, the word ”panko” (or ”pankko”) stands for the top of a fireplace. Panko used to be in the heart of each Northern home providing light, warmth and nutrition. Above all, it has been the most desired place to rest through generations. This is the reason we have chosen the name.

Panko – the place you want to return.

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