Floating Sauna Restaurant as an Excellent Business Opportunity

Executing Floating Projects with Sustainable Timber Products

Panko offers complete sauna-spa & restaurant solutions from design to implementation. Sustainable, prefabricated timber products are combined with architecture, high-end design and ready-made solutions. Each project is customised according to a purchaser’s needs. Premium Finnish quality of construction combined with our superior sauna expertise bring outstanding products for you.

Green Panko products with Nordic Vibes in One service concept offer excellent business opportunities. When you have a business idea, you will also need competitive products and services, partners, outside parties and a lot of time to develop a concept into a successful business. In addition, you will also need at least architects, specialist designers, contractors, sales and marketing experts and a project manager who runs the project effectively, maintaining the budget and the timeline. What if someone offered a sustainable solution for high-end design, green timber products and a ready-made service concept for a turnkey construction project?

We have created a concept, which combines seamlessly different areas of design and expertise, responsible, prefabricated mass timber products, architecture, high-end design, innovative solutions, and a ready-made service concept. Premium Panko products – different Saunas, Restaurant, and Bar & Lounge with Nordic Vibes in One service concept provide solutions to different business models, enabling a holistic and unprecedented customer experience. Our products are always tailor-made according to the needs of a purchaser, and you will be able to begin a business rapidly, effortlessly and cost-efficiently. What is even more, we bring unlimited possibilities for floating construction solutions together with our experienced partners.

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