Sustainable Floating Solutions with Timber Construction

Let’s Create a Greener Legacy Together

Sustainability is one of Panko’s key values. It can be seen in our high quality and responsible choices with materials, technologies, ingredients, people and partners. We take the Finnish tradition and experience of green lifestyle and the best practices of sustainability to a new level with Panko products and processes.

Timber Construction with Modular Solutions

Panko uses timber as its major construction material, such as for the cladding, modular elements, decking and furniture. Timber is the ultimate construction material in terms of sustainability, because it absorbs large quantities of carbon dioxide. Sustainably harvested and certified trees are cut and crafted into a Panko buildings, which acts as a carbon storage for decades to come. Furthermore, used raw materials and produce can be traced to origin. For the trees harvested and used in Panko products, we plant new trees to reverse the environmental impact.

Nordic Experiences and Wellness

Panko brings the Nordic experience to where you are, without having to travel thousands of miles. We want to make our utmost in preserving the environment by helping minimise unnecessary travel and cutting the CO2 emissions.

Panko products bring a holistic wellness experience and Scandinavian serenity for all senses and true Nordic tastes with a minimal ecological footprint. Biophilic design in our products helps to restore the connection with nature and increase overall well-being.

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