Floating Sauna Restaurant as an Excellent Business Opportunity

Nordic Restaurant – Best Flavours and Views in Town

Each detail in Panko Restaurant is designed with great care for end-user experience and seamless flow. Optimized and functional open kitchen concept, space solutions, recipes and ramp-up contribute to operating the restaurant efficiently and profitably.

Extra seating capacity, additional terraces and a rooftop terrace are available on request, and the finishing touches will be added according to the purchaser’s needs.

Sustainable and high-quality ingredients, preparation methods and practices are the foundation of the Nordic Menu in the Restaurant. Its flavours and the soul are deeply rooted in the Nordic nature and lakes. Free-growing game, mushrooms, berries, fish and meat raised with love are at their best when cooked on open fire, and bring about unique taste experiences for customers.

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Panko offers complete sauna-spa & restaurant solutions from design to implementation. Sustainable timber products are scalable a turnkey solution with high-end architecture & design. Panko products – Saunas, Restaurant and Bar & Lounge – provide a new and unprecedented Nordic experience anywhere in the world.

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