Floating Project with Turnkey Service Concept

Realizing Your Dreams Together

Would you like to discuss your project or collaboration with Panko? When you have a business idea and a site, we help you to make the project into reality. With Panko concept and its team of high professionals in design, F&B industry and business growth, it is possible to create different entities according to your needs and project requirements.

We bring unlimited possibilities for your project together with our experienced partners. Panko cooperates locally and globally with diverse specialists, contractors, designers and suppliers. Collaboration with partners allows a realization of residential projects and wellness centres, for example with spas including saunas & pools, and also restaurants and sports courts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to brainstorm ideas or inquire about your project.

Want to know more about Panko?

Panko offers modular, green timber buildings with a turnkey service concept. Sustainable, prefabricated timber products are combined with architecture, high-end design and ready-made solutions. Panko products – Saunas, Kitchen-Restaurant and Bar & Lounge – provide a new and unprecedented Nordic experience anywhere in the world.

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