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One-Stop-Shop Project with Panko

Panko offers an innovative, green product line with a sustainable turnkey Nordic service concept. When it comes to design, sauna and F&B industry, Panko’s visionary and highly skilled experts provide you with the best outcome for an outstanding project. Each Panko product is functional and a complete concept by itself, or several products can be combined together to create different complexes for a profitable business and a holistic Nordic experience. All Panko products can be modified and tailor-made according to the purchaser’s needs. Panko concept allows the operator to begin a business easily and effortlessly.

Innovative, Rapid and Cost-effective Construction

Prefabricated products feature unprecedented speed and ease during assembly and project delivery. Further benefits include efficiency, low cost and speed of construction with minimal wastage of resources. Furthermore, each project can be customized according to the purchaser’s needs.

Sustainable and Durable Modular Timber Buildings

Sustainability meets the highest Finnish manufacturing standards and uncompromised design with Panko products. Modular production saves resources, diminishes waste, production and transportation costs. Cross-laminated timber (CLT) has been chosen due to its innovative, environmentally friendly, structurally durable and fireproof qualities with a long life span. Timber buildings act as carbon storages for decades to come and as a regenerative material.

Ready-made Solutions with High-end Design

With Panko, sustainability meets timeless Scandinavian design and luxury. Scandinavian design is known for the premium quality, natural materials and neutral colours, and these elements are combined on each level of Panko design. It is possible to incorporate the whole interior design, furniture, equipment and accessories in a Panko project. Every single detail is taken into consideration in planning and design to operate the business effortlessly.

Premium Products with a Complete Service Concept – Nordic Vibes in One

Panko products are available with a ready-made, turnkey Nordic Vibes in One service concept. It covers the whole project from planning, architecture and design, interior and service design, manufacture and supervision. All aspects will be taken into consideration together with the purchaser – from the initial idea to starting a profitable business.

Panko products with a one-stop-shop service concept offer a holistic Nordic experience – in a dream location without having to travel thousands of miles. Does that sound like Magic? No, it’s just Nordic.

Floating Solutions with Unlimited Possibilities

Panko products are particularly suitable for floating projects in marinas, on lakes and seaside. We bring unlimited possibilities for different purposes with innovative products and technologies for floating construction together with our experienced partners. Collaboration with them brings together a whole floating ecosystem, which allows a realization of floating wellness centres, for example with spas with saunas & pools, restaurants and sports courts. Floating solutions expand business opportunities to new realms, such as wellness, residential and hospitality industry.

When you have a business idea, we help you to make the project into reality.

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