Panko on Land, Water or Sky

Name the Location,
We Take Care of the Rest

Serenity is found somewhere between the land and the sky. When you have a location of your dreams, we help you to make the project into reality. Panko can be built on land, water or sky. Furthermore, a modular structure enables a rapid assembly, and each Panko can be expanded, relocated and recycled.

Land Panko Anywhere

Wherever is your dream location: by the lake, in a forest, on the mountains, in a desert, or in the middle of a metropolis, Panko can be executed there. The possibilities are endless. Sustainable Nordic timber and innovative solutions contribute to a minimal ecological footprint.

Fancy the Innovative Floating

Live in the moment and feel the serenity of surrounding turquoise panoramics of the ocean on floating Panko. Innovative technologies allow various solutions. Floating construction is an ecological and sustainable solution where there is lack of land.

Even Sky Is Not a Limit

A city never looks as stunning as on the rooftop when the skyline sparkles at sunset. Panko is an ideal choice for densely-populated urban areas with shortage of available plots and soaring property costs. Scalability and modular structure support Panko to be assembled on top of existing buildings in locations with unrivalled views.

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